Neurobash has recorded a cover of the classic track Ship of Fools, originally written and performed by Vincent Clarke & Andy Bell of Erasure.

The track was made to honor the original artist and the related record label Mute Records and is featured on the first of the two-volume compilation UnMute ( together with almost fourty other artists in early summer 2017. A video was produced for the compilation track, signed former Neurobash member Daniel Brandt.

The original was recorded by Erasure for the classic Mute album “The Innocent” from 1988 and is one of our common and early musical inspirations of Neurobash.

It’s official. There will be an official soundtrack for the upcoming Sci-Fi-short featuring a collaboration between Neurobash and legendary Ro13. The final release date for the film has not yet been set, but is likely to be set to this autumn. More details as we get them. As always, connect on Facebook for all the very latest.

A new collaboration between Neurobash and sculpture artist Magnus Petersson ( has just been announced. The new work will be presented at Växjö Konsthall on Friday the 11th of November where a press release and a presentation will be held from 19:00. For tickets please see information on the homepage of the exhibition hall. Link: right here.

Neurobash has produced an 18 minute long piece to accompany the dystopian landscape created by Mangus Petersson that promises to be the darkest collaboration between the artists yet. Earlier joint forces had been made for a number of exhibitions, including a single off rework of the 2011 track “Lost in Death” for a mobile installation housed in a full scale freight container. Our most luxurious single release so far.

Last weekend we had a real blast while shooting some new band photos with our friend Finkseye. The result has already begun popping up here on the official website and on our different social network pages. More awesomeness to come. And yes, this is the first step and design update that shows what is to come. And yes, it was us on Taphouse in Copenhagen after the session.

Jun 12 2016

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