And then … there where two

So sorry for keeping you all waiting for the big news. As you might have learned by now we love to make last minute plans when it comes to our actual releases. And so we have this time again. We have decided to split the upcoming album into two instead of one. Yes, that is right. Two. And the first one will be ready for release just after the summer. The second one sometime later this year, but possibly under another name. It has, as you might not find all that hard to believe, been discussed before to split up our different projects and sound styles even into completely different bands and different labels.

The simplified background story is that we did not feel entirely comfortable with the track listing of DANGEROUS DAYS and the fact that we would have to leave so many other songs that had appeared during the creative process unfinished as they did not fit the theme for the album. After a lot of painstaking scrutinizing we arrived at the decision to split up the songs that did indeed fit the theme and the songs that in truth not really did. This meant that we could add songs intended as bonus tracks for later release to the second album, among some which we found would be wasted as such.

As things looks right now this will bring us two albums with approximately 40 minutes of playing time each.

And here we though that our output level had been much too low during 2014-2015 … Well, well!

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