Mindset – the film

Our followers on Facebook will already have noticed our involvement in a film project together with Smartfilm and Aeongate Studios along with the (finally returning!) band Ro13 and supported by our new (yet unnamed) label.

The project is entitled Mindset – the film and is directed by Anders Brandt and his brother Daniel. It is explained to be a post-apocalyptic story set on future Earth that has been on the minds of the directors for some time already – a dream come true for all involved, according to G-Nome. The film will feature Neurobash and singer/musician/producer Roberth Ahrling of Origin Blood that also sings along with Ober on the original track MINDSET as found on DOCTRINE. Neurobash, Robert Ahrling and Ro13 will be co-producing music for the film.

Filming has already started. More news to come.

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