The official release date for Misanthropy II by the Swedish act Unitary has been set to this very friday, 18/1/2013. The album will feature a remix by Neurobash alongside an alternative master version of the original album plus a bunch of really neat remixes by a number of other artist. Highly recommended as always when it comes to Unitary. Check it out!

The netzine Alteria Motives has just published an exclusive interview with Neurobash, taking up the new album and many other subjects. An interesting question that is being answered is what artist, living or dead, would be the absolute dream collaboration for Ober and G-Nome. Any guesses? Read the answer on this and much more right here.

As already announced on Facebook, Neurobash will be featured with a track on the forthcoming free release SWEDISH ELECTRO VOL. 1. The release date is already the 5th of January and the compilation will feature a broad variety of other Swedish bands such as Code 64, Unitary, Endless Shame, Social Ambitions, Spark!, Cryo and Emmon among many others and is an endeavour to spread the awareness of the brilliant swedish electro scene. A good thing, we are sure. For more details on the project follow the link to the official release page on Facebook.

And so the future starts and we are sure that 2013 will be a great year of music. We already have a few surprises to announce shortly and indeed are working on the next grand adventure already. 2012 mean quite a few changes artistically and personally for the band and respective members – for the better and worse as it usually is. Despite everything, the new album RISE BEFORE THE FALL was completed on time and became everything we have hoped it would be. Neurobash has set the course for the future and we are greatly looking forward to continue the journey.

This year we will return to collaborating alongside the writing of new pure Neurobash material. Preparations are finally also made for some new live adventures and collaborations. We also hope to have the chance to return to some older art-related material to present it in new freshness as much of our back-catalogue is not yet available online. Currently we are working to expand our digital distribution network to ensure reliable and of course fully legal truly worldwide distribution.

We hope you have had a good start so far and that you are filled with anticipation and hope for the new year just as we are.

Neurobash wishes you a merry one (and the ones not celebrating simply a peaceful time) with the bonus track IN THE HAZE written for RISE BEFORE THE FALL. And yes, it is a free download straight from SoundCloud. Enjoy!

Neurobash – In the Haze [ Bonus track from Rise Before the Fall ]