Jun 12 2016

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While things are changing in the background we will not put much time on updating the website with news. For the latest connect with us on Facebook. We promise not to overflow in your feed but we are sure to keep you interested. Furthermore we are most thankful for your interest and support – and we show it. If you prefer, keep up to date via Twitter.

Apr 5 2016

Change is Coming

Things are indeed starting to move backstage, yet we can not yet reveal more than that a new album is in progress while our new label is working on the details of taking over as our main distribution partner, booker and promoter. We are very excited to give you the great news and our plans for what promises to become a bright future indeed. And, what is more important, the creative possibilities that this new collaboration will bring. Let the music flow and keep an ear to the ground!

Feb 12 2016

Big news ahead …

There are some really exciting news ahead. It looks like we are going back to being on a label, which will bring around some important changes in our distribution possibilities for new and old material. And speaking of new material, this will also mean that DOCTRINE will be re-released in other formats and is likely to also get updated and extended in the process. Stay tuned – yet have patience. There is a lot to settle here before we can tell you all the details.

Our followers on Facebook will already have noticed our involvement in a film project together with Smartfilm and Aeongate Studios along with the (finally returning!) band Ro13 and supported by our new (yet unnamed) label.

The project is entitled Mindset – the film and is directed by Anders Brandt and his brother Daniel. It is explained to be a post-apocalyptic story set on future Earth that has been on the minds of the directors for some time already – a dream come true for all involved, according to G-Nome. The film will feature Neurobash and singer/musician/producer Roberth Ahrling of Origin Blood that also sings along with Ober on the original track MINDSET as found on DOCTRINE. Neurobash, Robert Ahrling and Ro13 will be co-producing music for the film.

Filming has already started. More news to come.

Nov 15 2015

Friday is the day …

Finally we are ready to release our new album. This coming Friday will see the release of DOCTRINE exclusivity via Bandcamp. A very limited edition CD-version of the album will be released alongside an even more exclusive classic cassette edition, planned for December.

The released might or might not appear on iTunes and Spotify next year, depending on if we can find better deals or not with these major actors, which sadly seems unlikely.

The album can be pre-ordered from today via this link, granting intimidate access to the first track of the album, BLOODLINES, which you will recognize from the earlier released teaser for the new album.

We are really eager to share our latest work with you and excited about the new ways of sharing it. It feels truly refreshing to go all the way on our own which seems the best way at the moment.

Keep the faith! DOCTRINE is near!