Mar 15 2015

Dangerous Days

Making music is not an easy thing. And maybe it should not be. During the process we are constantly reminded of how much time and effort it takes to get things just right, for the feeling to sit and the deeper meanings to come through. Especially in the end, when you are supposed to finish everything up, lock everything into place for exhibition as a new work. Simply creating, improvising and experimenting is one thing, but this establishing into a fixed form something else. In itself it can be an inspiring adventure, where new discoveries are constantly made, new problems found and overcome. But it can also be mind numbing experience.

As we tend to create our works in a quite unorthodox fashion, experimenting in and with every part of the process from writing to recording and then mixing and remixing, it is obvious that things take time. And they must take time. Otherwise the material will not have time to grow, to evolve and become something more. We rarely aim to set too clear definitions when the process is actually over, and even so things tend to continue further than we had originally anticipated.

We love what we do. We must love what we do. Otherwise we would not give this so much time and attention that is actually needed. And the result would otherwise be an unfruitful one, both for us and our followers.

Again, our adventure has taken much more time to complete than we had hoped, but as always the journey is worth it. The new material is simply beautiful and we could be no more proud of it than we already are. We have chosen quite a bold path, reinventing many aspects of what we are and what we should sound like. But if you have followed us for some time, this will not be the first time and perhaps the greatest changes have been in our own hearts, not always clearly noticeable in the result. As with some projects before, we have also considered releasing this material under another name to avoid any more confusion. Then again, this is what we are – forever changing and evolving, like life itself. We must allow that to keep things interesting and we hope you do too. So instead we changed the name of the album from our first humble working title “Amounting To Nothing” to something different …

Quite early in the process a concept evolving around Ridley Scott‘s epic Science Fiction motion-picture BLADERUNNER from 1982 (based on a brilliant written work by Philip K. Dick) emerged. A few compositions where created to match this vision, a kind of complement to the film, played out in the northern regions of the world depicted within it. We made no attempt on try to tread in Vangelis’ immensely large footsteps, but rather to honour the spirit and feeling of the combination of music, sound and imagery magic that constitutes the final work. While continuing our process, more and more became a reaction to this early thought and very much became a part of the result.

The specific reference is surely nothing new to the scene of darker electronic music, but is new for us and possibly unique for our current sound. All we know is that the reference fits quite nicely in our hearts. BLADERUNNER and it’s still astonishing aesthetics has had a great influence in our lives as artists and it feels like a real treat to be able to work with that influence in this way. And although the journey has been long, just as with the motion-picture in question, we are glad that we made it.

We can simply not wait to share DANGEROUS DAYS with you …


Feb 14 2015

So what is the news?

It has been a while since any really official news regarding the new album. So what is going on? Well, work has continued with the new songs to a point where all are ready for final mixing and mastering. We have the intention to release a short promotional package with three songs and a collection of artwork to see if there is any interest in co-releasing the new material and, of course, to get some attention for the new release.

Also, the working title AMOUNTING TO NOTHING (NB2014) has been abandoned in favour of a real title which will be revealed shortly. And it might sound familiar to some fans or Science Fiction out there. Frankly, we can hardly contain ourselves from getting this one out there and we again can only conclude that Neurobash sounds more amazing than ever. We hope you will agree. The feedback from the recent rework for Unitary seems to say you just might …

Dec 17 2014

Neurobash vs. Unitary

Released as a seasonal special from Neurobash and Unitary, here is the downright breathtaking cover of the marvellous original written by Unitary, with Ober on vocals and an expressive arrangement signed by the band and producer Daniel Brandt. Also available as free download via SoundCloud.

This November will bring you the opportunity to acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with the collaboration between Neurobash and the legendary Swedish electronic music pioneer, composer and film director Ralph Lundsten. In four new videos material from the original full-length adventure THE NAKED MOON AND THE VIRGIN SUN from 2007 (released on CD through Andromeda Music in 2008) will be presented in a slightly updated fashion. In fact, each piece consists of new live studio sessions together with backdrop art by producer and graphic designer Daniel Brandt that was produced for the recent relaunch of performing the material live. Each of the videos will be premiering in succession every Friday this November. The first video has already been release. Watch it right here or below.

Just announced: An exclusive performance of THE NAKED MOON AND THE VIRGIN SUN, the collaboration with the legendary Swedish composer Ralph Lundsten will be held at Galleri Rapper-Popermajer 2.0 in Teckomatorp as a part of a local EU-funded culture project. A selection of songs from the already classic album will be performed by Neurobash in an intimate and unique setting. A few special surprises are assured. Admittance will be free. Doors open at 18:00. Se here for more details.

Update: Don’t forget to book your free ticket in order to reserve a seat at the venue! Go here.