Just announced: An exclusive performance of THE NAKED MOON AND THE VIRGIN SUN, the collaboration with the legendary Swedish composer Ralph Lundsten will be held at Galleri Rapper-Popermajer 2.0 in Teckomatorp as a part of a local EU-funded culture project. A selection of songs from the already classic album will be performed by Neurobash in an intimate and unique setting. A few special surprises are assured. Admittance will be free. Doors open at 18:00. Se here for more details.

Update: Don’t forget to book your free ticket in order to reserve a seat at the venue! Go here.

Jul 20 2014

New album update

The new Neurobash album has been temporarily postponed due to a late decision by the band. It is likely that it will be released during the end of the year, rather than later, though. The reasons behind the decision is similar to what the band has expressed earlier in combination with several personal events that has led to delays in the project. We hope for your understanding an patience and are sure to announce an updated release plan as soon as the news is out.

We have been doing our best to keep everything on track with the new album but due to a series of recent events, we could choose to either compromise with the quality regarding the final details or to delay the release. Frankly the choice is easy as we like to bring you our very best. We will return with more information as soon as we are able to set a new release date together with our label. Stay tuned.

The upcoming single, hereby confirmed to be To That Which Is Gone, from the new album will be premiered in a special club version this saturday at VanGuardia in Malmö, as a part of our 10-year anniversary and due to the fact that the club hosted one of our very first shows. The track will be played at the sub terrain dance floor around 00:30 CET. Ears open!

The upcoming album has finally got an official name and a preliminary release date. The full title of the next adventure will be Amounting To Nothing and will be released digitally through Aeongate in mid-April according to the current plans. The album will consist of 10 tracks and nearly 50 minutes of music. What is more is that the release will be followed up already this summer with a second, together celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Neurobash. A precise date and further details will be revealed within days. The band is currently planning the last aspects of the release, an upcoming photo- and videoshoot and finalizing the album artwork. Eyes open!