So what happened to Dangerous Days?

Yes, you might have been wondering what happened the previously announced DANGEROUS DAYS, even earlier mentioned with the work-in-progress title AMOUNTING TO NOTHING. Did it indeed amount to nothing? No, of course not. But due to our quite recent decision to split up the ongoing project into two separate parts, we also decided to release the more up-beat related material first. Thus, this will become our next album DOCTRINE. DANGEROUS DAYS will be released later this year, or more likely, early next year as a separate album and presumably as a more clearly labeled collaboration with producer and designer Daniel Brandt.

The fact that the works that will be featured on DANGEROUS DAYS has been a truly co-produced made it even more obvious that this material should be released on its own and in its own time. In fact we now have the opportunity to expand the release and finish up on the last details which have taken so long already to settle. And yes, is has not been an easy birth but a very rewarding process. And the result sounds amazing! DANGEROUS DAYS is possible the most beautiful work we have achieved so far – but that also makes it less eliglable as a full out Neurobash album. And, seriously, it might be time to create less confusion around what Neurobash really is as even we ourselves get confused sometimes. This is not to say that Neurobash can not be something beautiful, because indeed it is. But it is another type of beauty.

All in all we are very pleased with the current state of things and feel certain that you will be too.

Not long now. And this time: really. More on Doctrine will be revealed within the next weeks along with a release date and hopefully even some details regarding the upcoming video.

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