Feb 19 2020

First 2K2X preview

A first teaser from the upcoming album 2K2X has been released on Instagram and Facebook about a week ago. Now the short preview is available on YouTube as well. Watch it right here.

Jan 18 2020

Follow the latest

Follow the latest on the upcoming album via our official Instagram channel. Right here.

The year 2020 has begun, and although Neurobash has spent some well deserved time off, the new album is coming along quite nicely. There is currently a selection of about 15 tracks to be featured on the coming full-length adventure entitled “2K2X”. Final track list and release date has not yet been decided. Keep an eye open for updates really soon.

For behind the scenes of the upcoming new album, live performance photos and the latest directly from Ober and G-Nome be sure to follow The official Neurobash Instagram account.

Dec 13 2019

Bloodlines 2K2X

Our last release of the year is out today. BLOODLINES 2K2X is an updated and final version of the original track taken from DOCTRINE. As a bonus the unreleased instrumental track DOBBERMAN is featured as a second track on the single. With this retrospective 2-track release we would like to thank the fans and followers of Neurobash for the years past. And we hope you are ready for some completely new material early next year. Neurobash surely is!

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