Neurobash is a musical constellation fronted by vocalist and keyboardist Ewan ”Ober” Kelley and electronic musician Patrik ”G-Nome” Nelson. The band was originally formed as an art collective in a small Swedish rural town back in 2004, and has since then changed form and direction numerous times. The current constellation was established in 2008.


The duo is based in Lund, Sweden, with prior ties to the Swedish label Electronic Fantastic Sound, later the discontinued Tigon Media Network and more recently Aeongate Music. Neurobash was signed to a new international label in 2017, Dose Response Recordings, after the independent release “Doctrine” which was distributed through Bandcamp.

The band has collaborated with many artists active in different fields of art and a great number of musicians. Neurobash has released albums and songs together with Ralph Lundsten, Yamo Kawaiah, Kenji Siratori and produced remixes for Unitary, Essence Of Mind, Virgins O.R. Pigeons, I:Scintilla and Helalyn Flowers to name a few.


Ewan ”Ober” Kelley has a background as solo artist and producer in both Sweden and Germany and began experimenting with music in the early nineties. His musical curiosity led him to take piano lessons but electronic compositions where his preference from the start. In 1994 he invested in his first synthesizer, and only a few years later in his first computerised music work station. Along the way Ober has picked up other instruments, such as electronic bass guitar, djembe and the cither.

Ober became a member of Neurobash in 2005, initially as a keyboardist and backing vocalist, but soon began collaborating with the production and lyric writing of the band. Because of his day time occupation as graphic designer, Ober soon also took on the artwork and graphics for the band, at first together with former member Daniel Brandt that officially left the band in 2007 but continued to collaborate with video directing and concepts onwards.

Patrik ”G-Nome” Nelson was one of the founding members of Neurobash back in 2004 and had already played together with other members of the art collective that would become the band since a few years before that. G-Nome began his music career in various other constellations in the early nineties after a few years of exploring electronic sounds on his own. During daytime G-Nome works at an unnamed state agency.


The initial constellation Neurobash album debuted with the music-concrete album “Ladonian Incidents” in 2006 after a handful of singles and EPs that eventually would get them signed to Electronic Fantastic Sound a year before. The album was performed live during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the micro-nation Ladonia and gave the band the official title of national band after the event. this in turn, led to a collaboration with the legendary Swedish electronic music pioneer Ralph Lundsten which also has ties to Ladonia. Their joint adventures culminated in the album “The Naked Sun and the Virgin Sun” released by Andromeda Music in 2007 as a limited edition CD-release.

The journey continued in 2009 with a more pop-oriented but also much darker side of Neurobash where Ober and G-Nome continued exploring their mutual and initial ideas of what the band should sound like. “Antitype EP” and the trademark monochromatic videos for “Nothing New” and “Conform” was followed by the full length album “Stereotype” which was in fact nothing but a stereotype.

A few concept albums, single releases and a remix albums followed. But it would take until 2012 until the next studio album. By then Neurobash had already left Electronic Fantastic Sound and created their own distribution network together with a few former members and collaborating artists. The NeuroArt network would later be included in the creative domain of Aeongate Studios.

On “Rise Before the Fall” Neurobash tried on a more low key direction with additions of other instruments than purely electronic ones. “Breaking Patterns” was the headline track for the album and circulated on an number of compilations the coming years.

After that some sparse collaborations followed. But much was happening behind the curtains – such as the wiring of a soundtrack for a Sci-Fi short “Mindset”, some excklusive art collaborations and a concept album together with Dangerous Days, finally to be released in its entirety in 2018.

In 2015 a new album followed. “Doctrine” was released independently on Bandcamp but would lead to a new (not yet disclosed) signing. Neurobash meets 2018 backed by a new label, with a new an improved studio and a whole archive full of new material.

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