Released: 2015-11-20

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Our journey has taken us even further back to our roots and the raw electronic sounds of heavy machinery and a past future. DOCTRINE constitutes the very essence of the thing we stand for: music created through our pure passion for the truly creative process of making it, without any restraints or any real consideration of fitting into any norm. Surely our past and our love for the early electronic music and the icons of the 1980’s, but we think you will have more than a few surprises along the way.

Our past collaborations have of course also set their marks, leading to our first real duets landing on a fully fledged Neurobash album. On TO THAT WHICH IS GONE wonderfully talented Laine Quist of Malmö Opera has lent her beautiful voice to accompany us in a solemn hymn for all things lost during the years. MINDSET features our dear friend Robert Ahrling of Origin Blood in a dramatic mash that is sure to shake you up in all possible ways.

DOCTRINE displays the full range of our music, taking you from rumbling depths and clubby soundscapes to souring ambiances where the vocals of front man Ober and the guest artists really comes to shine on their own.

The wide range of sounds and emotions featured on DOCTRINE is possibly reflected by the quite dramatic journey of this album. We have really done everything on our own this time – everything from idea to finished master. This has also led us to use independent download sources such as Bandcamp instead of any larger network (at least to begin with). Here we have the full control of pricing and formats.

Many hours of work and a fair share of hard decisions lies behind our new work. The hardest was perhaps the decision to at a late state, wait with the material co-produced with our friend and former member DANIEL BRANDT which instead will result in a separate collaboration-album sometime next year. We are certain that the decision to split up the material into two separate releases was the best way to go. And we are thrilled to go full out neurobashing on this one!