Alternative Agenda Released

We decided to start off 2019 with a bang. Namely the release of the compilation album ALTERNATIVE AGENDA. The release features a selection of alternative versions and remixes dating between 2008 and 2018. The album starts of with a brand new mix of Grey Coma from ANTITYPE EP, which was the beginning of the duo constellation of Neurobash back in 2008. Now with fresh vocals re-recorded in 2018.

The following tracks are alternative versions from the albums DOCTRINE and STEREOTYPE. Some unheard, and some familiar to the ones who have gotten over the limited releases during the years.

Remixes from Ras Bolding, Finkseye, Dan Niels and Yamo finishes of the album with tracks previously only available on the limited releases STEREOTYPE RECONSTRUCT and the original single release of SPOILED.

All tracks on ALTERNATIVE AGENDA have been remastered by Daniel Brandt at the new Qvantopolis Studios.

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