For you Swedish-speaking there is a special treat in written form waiting on the Swedish synth-portal one of the first Neurobash-interviews held in Swedish, no less. The interview takes on everything from the origin of the original constellation, the artistry beyond the music, as well as the past and present of the reformed band. Read it right here.

The video for TORTHERN PIONEERS has just been released over at YouTube. Have a look! The video was directed by producer and multi artist Daniel Brandt and is starring dancer Diana in a special written choreography inspired by the piece in question. Neurobash wishes to thank Smartfilm, Grpahic Media Labs and the Congress Center of Lund University for their support with the project. And of course we especially would like to express our gratitude towards the lovely goddess Diana.

An exclusive acoustic live set held during the official Earth Hour 2013 at Aeongate Studios in Malmö Sweden has just been officially announced at our Facebook-page. The set will feature a few selected songs exclusively rearranged in a simplistic fashion for the event. The songs in questions will be recorded by the means of a mobile off-grid recording rig for later release via SoundCloud. Sadly no live audience can be allowed at Aeongate for this event as the entire facility will be closed and powered down completely, but we promise to release at least one track right after the designated hour has passed.

The official Earth Hour of 2013 will be held this saturday the 23rd of March from 20:30 to 21:30. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: A first song from the session has now been released on SoundCloud. Get it or listen right here.

We are very happy to bring you the news that the music of Neurobash from this date and onward is available truly worldwide via iTunes through a new distribution deal provided by our label Tigon Media. The expanded distribution of course includes Russia, which so sadly has been something of a black hole for safe and legal digital distribution for quite some years already. The new possibilities makes us especially glad as the response and feedback on our latest two albums has been quite astonishing from this part of the world. Now the channel is open. Thanks for your patience, дорогие друзья!

Two reviews of the new Neurobash album RISE BEFORE THE FALL where published yesterday. Anders Mellgren of Elektroskull wrote a well founded piece on the subject that can be read right here. Also an even more enthusiastic analysis of the new adventure was written by Benjamin Kristiansen of, readable online right here. We are humbly thankful for the words written and the time and thorough attention laid down to write these notices. It seems our intentions, so far, has been clearly received.