Neurobash wishes you a merry one (and the ones not celebrating simply a peaceful time) with the bonus track IN THE HAZE written for RISE BEFORE THE FALL. And yes, it is a free download straight from SoundCloud. Enjoy!

Neurobash – In the Haze [ Bonus track from Rise Before the Fall ]

Neurobash is featured in this weeks episode of the award winning UK Podcasts DARK COMPASS, one of the longest running shows in the UK. Post-apocalyptic or not, CONTINUUM proudly holds on of the pole positions. Surely a nice thing. Enjoy!

Have a listen right here.

We have experiences great technical difficulties with out server during the past days but we have now successfully returned with full functionality, including full previews of the new album RISE BEFORE THE FALL alongside all previous ones. If you still should experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. And of course, promo requests are still very welcome.

Today is the release premiere of RISE BEFORE THE FALL which we choose to celebrate with the co-release of a first music video taken from the album, CONTINUUM. Watch the video directed by Daniel Brandt starring both members of Neurobash, Ewan “Oberfunker” Kelley and Patrick “G-Nome” Nelson here.

Oct 30 2012

New album out 23/11

And finally we have an official release date for the new album RISE BEFORE THE FALL. Full 13 new tracks will be ready for download via most major distributers from Friday 2012-11-23.