The revamped video for Solid State 2K2X is out. Watch it right here:

The second single from our upcoming album (released early next year) is available now via Bandcamp. Find it right here.

SOLID STATE 2K2X is an overhaul of the original SOLID STATE dating back to 2010. And the release also features the brave new track IMPULSE. Enjoy!

The official video for our latest release – the double single CONSUMED 2K2X – has just been released on YouTube and Facebook. Watch the HD-resolution video right here. The video is a remake of the iconic video for the original track LOST IN DEATH. As the original the new version is directed by Daniel Brandt and produced by Aeongate Studios in cooperation with Dose Response Recordings.

The new single CONSUMED 2K2X is out! Exclusively available via the official Bandcamp site (link right here). The release consists of two tracks. Apart from the main track the upbeat and mainly instrumental REMINDER concludes the first glimpse of what is to follow next year in either EP or album format.

First out from a set of re-releases from the Neurobash catalogue is the iconic track CONSUMED. Now updated in a brand new mix with a few surprises. And there is a bonus track as well. REMINDER is a completely fresh track inspired by the deep dive into the Neurobash archives. The release will be exclusively released trough Bandcamp via Dose Response Recordings.