Great news for the art-needing in and around Sweden: Magnus Peterssons “Archipelago” (this time in smaller scale, entitled “The Sea”) with music and soundscape signed Neurobash / Dangerous Days can currently be seen at Falsterbo Art Gallery. The installation remains until January 21st.

Neurobash has a new home – our new main studio QVANTOPOLIS, situated in Lund, Sweden. The decision to move from our former location in Malmö was taken earlier this summer as it was announced that Aeongate Studios would be relocated during early 2018. In fact, oiur studio has been dissembled during the summer and our most recent recordings have been made at various studios in and around Malmö.

QVANTOPOLIS features a new primary Mac-based recording computer and an updated sound monitoring system for our future adventures. Recording of new material and mixing of material recorded earlier during the year has already commenced and we are working on the plans for several new releases during the coming year.

Neurobash has recorded a cover of the classic track Ship of Fools, originally written and performed by Vincent Clarke & Andy Bell of Erasure.

The track was made to honor the original artist and the related record label Mute Records and is featured on the first of the two-volume compilation UnMute ( together with almost fourty other artists in early summer 2017. A video was produced for the compilation track, signed former Neurobash member Daniel Brandt.

The original was recorded by Erasure for the classic Mute album “The Innocent” from 1988 and is one of our common and early musical inspirations of Neurobash.

Neurobash will be featured with a cover of the upcoming tribute compilation of legendary Mute Records. The free download 2-album compilation will be called UnMute and will be available from the 1st of July.

It’s official. There will be an official soundtrack for the upcoming Sci-Fi-short featuring a collaboration between Neurobash and legendary Ro13. The final release date for the film has not yet been set, but is likely to be set to this autumn. More details as we get them. As always, connect on Facebook for all the very latest.